Algorand Price Prediction: Tradecurve Outperforms The Market, How High Can It Go?

Algorand suffered a significant price crash in June after the U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC), classed the project as a security. In five days the project crashed by 25%, and thousands of investors sold their Algorand holdings in an attempt to reduce their losses.

Although Algorand has started to recover, its growth has been below average and the project remains significantly lower than its pre-crash price. This has caused trading volume to decline further as Algorand price predictions turn bearish. Meanwhile, Tradecurve has consistently outperformed the market and hit an all-time high. But how high will its value go?

Agorand Struggles To Rebound From Security Categorization

In June, the SEC added 45 cryptocurrencies to its list of securities. One of these projects was Algorand. After this categorization, Algorands value fell to $0.1033, its lowest price in almost three years. Since this crash Algorand has recovered to $0.1172, although its recovery has been significantly lower than the market average.

This is extremely bad news for Algorand holders, as the project recently announced a new update, which was expected to trigger a price surge. Algorands new 3.16.0-beta will help to improve the usability of the Algorand ecosystem, adding several new developer tools while making minor tweaks to improve performance.

As part of its update, Algorand will reduce round time to 0.4 seconds, making Algorand one of the fastest projects in terms of transaction speed, throughput and responsiveness.

However, Algorand will need to do more if it wishes to continue growing. Due to its significant price declines, Algorand’s daily trading volume has dropped to $34 million and thousands of investors continue to sell their holdings. As a result, experts predict that Algorand could drop below $0.1 in July, which could trigger an additional price collapse.

Tradecurve Shoots For The Moon With 80% Returns 

As Algorands returns are limited, many investors are diversifying their portfolios with Tradecurve, which has already offered early investors returns of 80%. Tradecurve has taken a much needed new approach to DeFi and exchanges. It looks to bridge the gap between decentralized and traditional finance by combining all assets on a single, decentralized platform.

Using Tradecurve, investors will have the opportunity to anonymously trade traditional assets such as CFDs and commodities without needing to pass KYC or background checks. Given that several centralized exchanges have collapsed and Coinbase and Binance are now facing legal action, this decentralized alternative is predicted to be a big hit.

Investors can get started on Tradecurve by setting up an account with their email and connecting their self-custody wallets. Tradecurve will be fully compatible with ERC-20 wallets, making it extremely easy to access. Transactions will also be completed in seconds, and negative balance protection will be implemented to keep investors safe.

Tradecurve tokens (TCRV) are expected to become one of the markets highest return assets over the next few months, with experts predicting 50x returns for early investors. Tokens are currently trading at $0.018, and will increase to $0.025 once stage four of the Tradecurve presale is sold out.

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