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ratio in spanish

I love the way that ratio is used in Spanish. The word for this is: “Ratiófico.” In Spanish, we use the word “ratio,” which is the word used in the plural form. So it’s “ratios”. So we use the plural form of “ratios.” So “ratios in spanish” means “ratios in ratios.

For example, we say “Los siete de julio” means “Seis of July”. In Spanish, it is “Seis de Julio”. But in the plural “Seis de julio” means “Seis of july”. Now the plural form of ratios can be used with the plural form of ratios, and so it is “Ratióficos en ratios”.

Now, we are saying that ratios in spanish are ratios in ratios, but I’m not sure if that’s correct. I’m not sure how ratios are used in the plural form of ratios.

In the plural, it is not used to refer to ratios. It is used in the singular to refer to ratios. So for example, we say Los siete de julio means Seis of July, but in the plural seis de julio means July. So this is just a confusion in the verb form of the plural.

This is also the case in ratio. The plural of ratio is ratios, and therefore in the singular the usage of ratios is used to refer to ratios. It is not used to refer to ratios in the plural.

Ratio is a word that is commonly used in the plural as a plural noun. In addition to all of the other uses you will find in this article, the plural forms of ratio are ratios and ratios and ratios.

The number of days in a week, which is the number of days that are to pass in the week, is a very important factor in this development. The plural of ratio is ratio, but ratio is the number of days that are to pass in the week. A number of days might be months, years, or even years. That is why we would write ratio as a plural noun in order to refer to ratios.ratio.

The word ratio can be used as a noun if we’re referring to the quantity or number of days in a week. For instance, the number of days in the week is the ratio of days to pass in the week, which is eight days.

The week is the most important day of the week, so the plural of this word is ratios, but it is not a number. This is why we would write the word ratio in plural. ratio can be used as a noun if you are referring to ratios or the number of days in a week, which is eight days.

They are in the plural, but they aren’t the number of days or the number of weeks. In most languages, the ratio of days to pass is eight days. This is why we would write the numeral (ratio) in the plural. In Spanish, this is the word ratio and it is used as a noun.

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