Moonsama release a token part of the Moonsama ecosystem: the SAMA token

  • This token runs on Moonsama blockchain
  • It will be used to trade in-game assets and NFTs

About SAMA token

The SAME token is built on the Moonsama blockchain. This blockchain is part of the Moonsama ecosystem. It was started as a simple NFT project. Moonsama is now expandingrom just an NFT project by launching its own blockchain. 

Current Statistics of SAMA token

Currently, the SAME token has a Market Cap of $7,259,867 and a fully diluted market cap of $17,742,039. The last 24-hour trading volume of the token was $144,951. Currently, they have not announced any maximum supply bus with a Total Supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Currently, this token is trading at $0.01766. And Coin Market Cap has given it a ranking of #3363

About Moonsama’s NFT project

The Moonsama ecosystem even has one NFT project which is called Exosama. This NFT project has 1279 owners. The total volume of this project is 3,458 ETH and the percentage of Unique Owners is 13%. This NFT project was created in Sep 2022. And has a total of 10k items. The floor price of this NFT is 0.2499 ETH.

About Moonsama blockchain

This blockchain is specially tailored to support the development of the metaverse, non-fungible tokens, and Web3 gaming. This blockchain is based on the Ethereum Virtual machine. This blockchain has the capability to be traded in a large volume of tokenized in-game items.

The protocol that  Moonsama uses is proof of authority(POA) protocol consensus protocol. This system has even gained the attention of Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and Polkadot.

The SAMA coin is the currency that is used on Moonsama. It is used to pay for the gas fees and is also integrated into Moonsama’s services. This blockchain is not only optimized for large volumes but also in-game items, connecting Web3 and Web2 and digital asset creation. It is also used in governance.

The network boasts of offering low transaction costs and fast block confirmation. The block confirmation time that this network takes is around 5 seconds. This makes it suitable for not only large amounts of transactions but this token can also be used as a currency for gaming and transactions in the gaming apps in WEB3. 

The ultimate aim of this blockchain is to be transferred into a fully-fledged Polkadot para chain. 

Talking about token distribution

51.0% of the total tokens are held by the community token holders. This  is equivalent to 510 million tokens. 10 million tokens which approximately 100 million tokens are allotted to the team fund, and the remaining 390 million which is (39%) is put into the moon sama community fund.

In total, there are 475 million tokens in circulation, and out of this 11 million SAMA tokens are in circulation.

Token Utility

The Exosama platform can be used as a platform for issuing new assets. In-game assets and NFTs will be able to trade on this platform. Additionally, XC-20 tokens will be  issued on this blockchain and the gas fees will also be paid in the $SAMA token.

SAMA will also act as the governance mechanism in the marketplace of Raresama NFT.

Above mentioned are the current utilities of the SAME coin and they are planning to prove more utilities by enabling the staking reward in the web3 gaming platform. To participate and get rewarded in tournaments and various events.

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