How To Mine Bitcoin On Android

Mining on a smartphone is popular. Such earning is an excellent solution when user knows how digital currency is mined and what the process itself is. Really free bitcoin mining is interesting to everyone who has learned how to process information data on blockchain systems using farms. You just need to understand whether such method is appropriate?

What exactly you need to know about cryptocurrency mining on Android smartphones?

Mining crypto without a powerful personal computer may seem unrealistic. But nowadays phones are created as innovative devices, so they can also “pull” bitcoin mining. Just remember that this area needs to be studied. Those people who understand this are more likely to receive free bitcoin, and then resell it, trade with it to make a good profit.

Advantages of mining on a smartphone:

  • minimum financial investment is required;
  • it is available to absolutely any user with powerful smartphone;
  • simple settings;
  • no need to buy additional gadgets.

You should make sure that the Android smartphone is one of the latest powerful models. Consider that programs for phones are most often paid, device can overheat, reduce the life of the battery, processor or video chip. There are high risks of installing malicious software. But real miners are not afraid of this.

How is it possible to mine bitcoins on an Android phone?

If an Android smartphone is powerful, has a good video card, then it will be able to withstand absolutely all the loads. When starting mining, it should be borne in mind that you will have to try hard in order to receive a reward from the created farm in the form of brand new issued crypto coins. Miners understand that it will not be possible to earn too much crypto money, but it may well be enough to earn money for a normal life.

To mine it is better to choose paid programs, they have remote servers, thanks to which you can reduce smartphone resources and not heat up the device. Such mining is called cloud one.

Image source: online crypto mining simulator game

Is it advisable to mine bitcoins on Android and how to do it?

Today, any earnings are welcome, including on cryptocurrency. If it is possible with the help of mobile computing power, why not to try it? There are a lot of blockchain games you can follow to win or mine crypto online. Here are several relevant programs that will allow you to mine on the Android system:

  1. Popular project Rollercoin. The game involves free bitcoin mining so users can earn crypto money while playing. You need to register in the game and figure out how to pass the levels. Cryptocurrency is mined thanks to the Bitcoin mining simulator; no initial contributions are required. It is important to understand the rules of the game and ways to withdraw your winnings. More games are won, more free bitcoins are earned.
  2. NeoNeonMiner. Miner must be familiar with this system, understand the essence of the bullet and various algorithms. Cryptocoins that are mined must be divided absolutely among all participants. There is only one trick, when a user downloads a program, care must be taken, because there is a risk of introducing a virus to your device.
  3. BTC miner. This application was created in order to earn crypto on cloud mining. It has an excellent rating, profit is ensured thanks to a specially implemented referral program. Software opens up the possibility to mine bitcoin, use a cryptocurrency wallet, receive bonuses and earn in general.
  4. ARM Miner. The application is one of the pioneers in the modern mobile mining market. This program has an average speed, which allows you not to worry about overloading your smartphone. But there is a downside, which is low profits. As for the pros, the software has an intuitive interface, the ability to work with completely different crypto coins, etc.
  5. Andro Mine. Universal software, but tailored specifically for Litecoin. It is very powerful, so it may well be that it uses absolutely all the power of the phone processor. If the miner switches to a special background mode, then the mining process stops, which reduces the load on the device. It is more correct to launch the program specifically during mining.
  6. Minergate. The application opens up the possibility to monitor mining processes remotely. Miners can control the entire process of earning bitcoin. Software could mine in the pool, but now this feature has been officially blocked by Google (it can be returned). At the same time, there are new options, for example, you can check your own crypto balance, receive notifications and chat online.


For some miners, mining from an Android smartphone is not entirely profitable, especially if there is a need for huge earnings. But for small miners who are not chasing large production, this method is definitely suitable. The main thing is to be careful not to download some kind of virus to your phone, not to overheat it and not to overwork it. These processes are important to control.

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