Economists predict a similar trajectory for BTCS as Fantom had during the last Bull Run

Investors give projects a surgical analysis when looking for potential gems that could replicate the extraordinary success of previous bull runs as economists focus on a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Spark (BTCS). With comparisons drawn to the impressive growth of Fantom (FTM) during its last bull run, economists predict a similar trajectory for BTCS.

The Fantom crypto explained

Fantom crypto is a smart contract platform handling scalability challenges using its Lachesis consensus mechanism. Its native token, FTM, serves multiple purposes like staking, voting, payments, and covering transaction fees on the network.

With a history of several bull markets, Fantom crypto price witnessed its most remarkable and memorable bull run from November 5th, 2020, to February 25th, 2021, spanning an impressive 112 days. This period proved a game-changer for FTM as Fantom crypto price soared from 0.0139 USD to 0.6573 USD, delivering an extraordinary return of 4644.9%. Such exponential growth made investors and enthusiasts sit up and take notice of the cryptocurrency’s potential.

Bitcoin Spark – The Newest BTC Fork

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS), a BTC fork with a unique all-new blockchain technology and built on Ethereum, deploys the principles of Bitcoin while introducing innovative features and improvements. It addresses the original Bitcoin’s transaction speed, costs, and scalability challenges. Its unique Proof-Of-Process (PoP) consensus mechanism bridges Proof-of-Stake tenets and those of Proof-of-Work (PoW), allowing users to stake coins and contribute processing power for PoW tasks. This approach enhances decentralization, security, and efficiency within the network. Bitcoin Spark maintains the core tokenomics of Bitcoin but extends the time until maximum supply is reached. The blockchain improves transaction speed by reducing block time and increasing the number of transactions per block. With more nodes and lower operating costs, transaction fees are significantly reduced, benefiting miners’ investments.

In the spirit of decentralization and security, Bitcoin Spark allows anyone to participate in mining with a lower barrier of entry. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates a smart contract layer into the network, enabling application building using various programming languages.

The Bitcoin Spark application lets users provide the network’s processing power through a virtual environment. Users renting out their computing power earn rewards for their contributions. The application ensures fair and secure mining by moderating the resources on the user’s device for the mining process. BTCS’ reward distribution is based on a combination of the individual stake of the miner and the work done by providing processing power to other users on the network. The higher the stake and the more work done, the higher the rewards, emphasizing the importance of staking and processing power to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Economists predict a similar trajectory for BTCS as Fantom had during the last Bull Run

Bitcoin Spark ICO debuted on August 1 with one BTCS at $1.50 and a 20% bonus, with early investors expecting returns of 800% upon launch at $10. Imagine buying Bitcoin when it was only 1$. Bitcoin Spark, and its clear roadmap, will replicate Bitcoin’s success and rewrite its history.

Wrap Up

The impressive gains achieved during Fantom’s biggest bull run sparked interest among traders and economists. As the crypto market grows, many are exploring the potential of Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) to replicate or even exceed such remarkable growth.



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