Chainlink Price Prediction: Is $10 Price Target Realistic in 2023? Stellar and Pomerdoge Eyeing $1 Target

Chainlink (LINK) analysts are now trying to determine if the $10 price target is realistically achievable through 2023. However, Stellar (XLM) and Pomerdoge (POMD) are eyeing the $1 price target and are being considered by investors and traders as a result. Join us as we take a look at the price performance of all altcoins to see how far they can climb.


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Chainlink (LINK) Price Prediction and $10 Possibility

Chainlink (LINK) witnessed a surge in transactions and got accumulated by large wallet investors. Over the past two weeks, whales gained a significant level of interest in the cryptocurrency, and the bullish on-chain metrics explain how the altcoin’s price hike could look like. Chainlink ranks 21 on the top 100 crypto list and has a market cap of $4,164,776,545 as of July 29, 2023.

In addition, its trading volume within the past 24 hours was by $137,483,299. As for the Chainlink price, as of July 29, 2023, the cryptocurrency traded at a value of $7.73. Likewise, over the past seven days, the cryptocurrency saw its low point at $7.36, with its high point at $8.08.

Moreover, within the last 30 days, Chainlink saw a price increase of 29.6%, and in the last two weeks, it’s been up by 10.8%. According to a Chainlink price prediction, it can reach $10.60 by the end of the year, making the price target realistic.

Stellar (XLM) Eyeing The $1 Price Target

The price of the Stellar (XLM) cryptocurrency has increased by more than 57.8% in the past 30 days. In addition, during the past 14 days alone, it’s been up 20.2%. XLM has also been up in value by an impressive 35.8% since the start of the year, signifying that it has seen a massive upwards trend all around. In addition, its market cap is at a value of $4,359,190,648.

Moreover, the 24-hour trading volume for Stellar was at a value of $132,328,652. In terms of the Stellar price performance on a weekly level, its high point was at $0.140943, while its low point was at $0.166501.

According to a Stellar price prediction, it can reach $0.22 by the end of the year. Subsequently, this indicates that the price target of $1 might not be too realistic. Analysts believe that this price point can be reached by XLM by 2027.

Pomerdoge (POMD) To Surge Above $1 After Presale

Pomerdoge (POMD) offers an exciting ecosystem where anyone can get value for their time spent interacting with it. At the core, there’s the Pomergame. Through this game, anyone will be able to join a journey where they can create a character known as Pomer, which can be leveled up.

In addition, as they climb up the rank ladder, players can begin trading skins, items, and other valuable items within the dedicated marketplace. In addition, the marketplace is known as Pomerplace.

This is a central hub where anyone can buy, sell or trade any of the collectibles that they accumulated throughout the various gameplay sessions.

The earliest POMD token adopters will be able to buy NFTs that are a part of the early 7,777 NFT collection, all of which provide value and benefits. During the current presale stage, a single Pomerdoge token trades for just $0.007.

Additionally, during the presale period, there are also weekly giveaways totaling $100,000 and one mega Pomerdoge (POMD) prize at $50,000.

Similarly, this amplifies the excitement surrounding the Pomerdoge project and makes it appealing to many investors. According to analysts, its value can surge to $1 when it launches.

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