10 Best Crypto NFT Games of 2022

Player assets in NFT games play to earn may be legally owned by the player. They use blockchain technology in otherwise conventional game mechanics, allowing players to win real money.

The Top P2E Games Online

The following are, according to our investigation, the top-rated NFT games currently on the market:

1. Chainers

Chainers is an excellent pastime since it is a state-of-the-art NFT game play to earn designed with Web 3.0 in mind. Envision a world without constraints, one in which you are free to lose yourself in absorbing video games, personalize your environment, and even design your own games.

Essentials for Chainers:

  • The game is free both to play and to sign up for.
  • Unique mechanics that tie into a larger narrative.
  • Creative economy framework
  • Chainers is a web-based game. There is no download needed!

Every Chainers NFT character should be treated as a real being. They all have traits and can evolve, which in turn boosts the value of the NFT and its capabilities within the metaverse. Then, there are houses, cars, land plots, and other items that users can either build or purchase.

2. Tamadoge

Tamadoge was conceived on the basis of the Doge ecosystem. In this metaverse-based cryptogame, participants raise and care for virtual dogs called Tamadoge.

In addition, players may compete with their Tamadoge NFTs each month for the chance to earn more goodies by finishing in the top spot on the game’s scoreboard. To further facilitate player interaction in the metaverse, the game’s features will evolve to incorporate augmented reality experiences.

3. Silks

Everyone has their own opinion on what the finest NFT game is, but no two individuals ever agree on the same thing. The non-financial-thematic game Silks is set in the exciting world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Silks are based on real horse racing events. If a horse is successful in the real world, players may claim rewards.

4. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is yet another emerging blockchain venture that intends to host a slew of play-to-earn games, with the end goal of rewarding players with NFTs and crypto. The metaverse is a fully functional part of the game, which also has its own virtual environment.

IBAT Premier League lets players construct a “dream team” of their favorite athletes from a sport. Participants must buy an NFT pass to join the IBAT Premier League.

5. Lucky Block

Coin enthusiasts have taken notice of Lucky Block because of its novel NFT competition platform. Players may purchase Lucky Block NFTs and enter sweepstakes for a chance to win valuable prizes.

Players may win everything from vacation trips to a Lamborghini or a million-dollar mansion if they enter the right contests.

6. Axie Infinity

In 2018, the Ethereum-based video game Axie Infinity was released. The game has many similarities to the Pokemon series, but the addition of blockchain technology has made the final product more engaging.

Players breed and gather Axies, NFT-based pets in Axie Infinity. The game pits Axies against other players’ digital pets. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is a fully functional in-game token and cryptocurrency.

7. Decentraland 

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform for building your own 3D metaverse environment. Decentraland land may be bought using NFTs. After acquiring land, players have numerous choices for using it.

Decentraland’s users may host parties and concerts. Estee Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana, Forever 21, and Selfridges held virtual events in Decentraland.

8. PirateXPirate

PirateXPirate is the next #1 NFT game. This innovative play-to-earn game was founded in 2022. PirateXPirate produced one of South East Asia’s most popular board games, demonstrating they can sell a product widely.

PirateXPirate’s core is a pirate-themed online game that rewards players with PXP tokens. The Binance Smart Chain project develops a gaming metaverse. The game is playable despite its early development.

9. Sandbox

The Sandbox, another popular metaverse portal, provides similar services as Central Market. Sandbox is young compared to Decentraland. This limits its metaverse. There are many ways to receive an Alpha Pass, including a lottery.

While this is being mentioned, notable public personalities have shown interest in the Sandbox. Snoop Dogg is at the forefront of this trend since he has actually bought some real estate in the Sandbox and is constructing a virtual palace there. In combination with an NFT collection, Snoop Dogg plans to provide fully realized virtual music experiences from his virtual estate.


If you’re looking for an NFT game where you can earn crypto and get some exercise at the same time, STEPN is a great option. In short, participants in the STEPN ecosystem get benefits from active transportation modes including running, jogging, and walking. In combination with GPS, the STEPN iOS and Android app can monitor a player’s whereabouts.

There are four different NFTs available for purchase before you can begin playing. A jogger, a runner, and trainer are all part of this category. The selected NFT need to be suitable for the sort of training to be performed. Then, by investing in a shoe NFT, gamers may boost their prospective earnings. When it comes to sneakers, the higher the quality, the greater the factor.

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